Treat yourself to a journey into history! Visit Le Faouët, Le Faouët and rub shoulders with the Boutteville family and its impressive 15th century heritage.

The chapel of Sainte-Barbe

This architectural achievement stands proudly on a rocky escarpment from where it seems to watch over the Ellé valley. The fountain is beautiful and you should remember ring the bell near the guard house and make a wish.

The chapel of Saint-Fiacre

A splendid example of a polychrome rood screen, few of which are found in Brittany. The "cartoon," carved in the wood, shows among other things the representation of vices and sins, the temptation of Adam and Eve, the Annunciation... a rich and symbolic barrier separating the choir from the nave and which served to teach the faithful to be good and believe in God.

Majestic market hall

Mentioned as early as 1542, this nerve centre of the borough has sheltered many fairs and markets down the ages. The market halls hold memories of the looting and pillage carried out by "Marion" and her band of brigands in the 18th century. Marie-Louise Tromel, to give her real name, scared Le Faouet and its surroundings stiff for some fifteen years, preferring to rob peasants and merchants rather than sink to begging, in a Brittany where famine was rife.

The atmosphere that charmed the 19th century's the many painters can still be found - they immortalized its fairs and markets, pardons and many other scenes of everyday life. The local Museum of Le Faouët is an accredited Musée de France.