The producers of the famous local sausage, the andouille, put all their know-how into the satisfaction of your insatiable appetite for sausages. A true voyage of the senses with the taste of the very best of Brittany. A little piece of advice to fully appreciate this outstanding product - it's best enjoyed with friends as an aperitif or with crêpes. Lots of crêpes!

You may think you already know the taste of the Guémené andouille sausage, given that it can be found in supermarkets all over France, but the real thing only comes from Guémené-sur-Scorff, a small town with as much character as its sausage has. It's a safe bet that until now you have tasted what's called "Guémené-style" sausage, with its concentric circles when it is cut.

In order to reach the level of quality offered by our producers, you need real know-how, a respect for tradition and weeks and weeks of work!

Several very precise steps are necessary for the manufacture of a really tasty product. They are, in order:

  • The salting and sorting of ingredients (principally tripe)
  • The assembly (thorough emptying and degreasing of the tripe)
  • Traditional smoking, using only beech wood
  • Drying for several weeks
  • Cooking

After all these steps have been carried out in full respect of an ancestral tradition, the true Andouille de Guémené can finally be tasted.

It is best served cold in very thin slices, or hot in thicker slices, accompanied by mashed potatoes. Also, it combines very well with a buckwheat crepes. In a cake, or a savoury biscuit, only your imagination is the limit in its use!

Every year, at the end of August in Guémené-sur-Scorff, a whole day is dedicated to celebrating this great star of local gastronomy!