The administrative territory of the Roi Morvan straddles some ancient historical and traditional lands. A link between Vannes and the Morbihan coast, overlooking the Black Mountains and the Pourlet region, this area of central Brittany has a heritage that bears witness to its long and rich history.

The archaeological remains testify to human occupation since prehistory. The religious heritage is particularly dense, and it allows a glimpse of the old parish government system. The countryside, noble and pleasant, is of one type across the region - fields and valleys; The quality of the masonry that has lasted through the centuries testifies to the continuity of local craftsmanship. A reminder of the old way of life, constituting a remarkable ensemble, ever present in the landscape.

At the scale of a land like this, cultural heritage carries both identity and social cohesion. On the strength of this observation, the Morvan Community's heritage department and its partners are committed to restoring it to the heart of everyday life, by implementing special actions throughout the year for the discovery and transmission of this traditional knowledge


The Tourist Office is currently promoting one of its major tourist assets, heritage. Highlighting the actions of the Department of Tourism and Culture, it has agreed jointly that a new area should be created on the new website of the Roi Morvan Tourist Office

Since the calendars of the two organisations are not completely synchronised, the pages of this future space will be added progressively during 2017, thank you for understanding.

In a current context where sharing of resources is the way forward, we hope this joint action will be a great success in responding to the expectations of curious people from all walks of life: visitors and inhabitants of the area, those fond of heritage those just passing through.

We wish you a pleasant moment reading these pages dedicated to our heritage, in the company of those who bring it to life.