The strong attachment of local people to their region is best expressed by their love of dance and music.

The traditional music championship

Lors du championnat de musique traditionnelle qui se déroule chaque année début septembre à Gourin, les meilleurs sonneurs bretons s’affrontent pour décrocher les titres très convoités que décernent leurs pairs. Le parc du château de Tronjoly résonne, le temps d’un week-end, des airs de binious et de bombardes.

The magic of the dancers of Croisty

The acclaim of the Croisty Dance Circle is renewed at each of their performances be it traditional dances or their own original creations. The beauty of the costumes will leave you dazzled, and the complexity of their gavotte will leave you puzzled! You will absolutely be won-over by the energy that shines from these shows. With their stellar reputation, the Croisty Dance Circle welcomes people interested in joining them from all Morbihan. In 2015, they were once again crowned champions of Brittany!

The authenticity and conviviality of a "Fest Noz"

Its through the pride of being Breton and the willingness to share our strong identity with visitors that you will get to know us during a dance at a Fest Noz, the meeting place par excellence, where we like to talk, argue, laugh and tell stories around a glass of cider. If music and Breton dancing seem like your idea of fun, you, why not join us for a rehearsal of the band Bagad Marionick in Faouët halls every Friday night.

Gouren wrestling

Breton wrestling - still widely practised around Brittany. The wrestlers square-up barefoot on the sawdust. This is a hugely impressive sight that visitors can discover in early July at Le Faouët.

So that's it... ready to live a Breton experience with us?