Town, village, neighbourhood at Meslan

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  • Meslan owes its name to its patron saint Saint Melan or Saint Melaine who was bishop of Rennes from 505 to 530. There are places-dit "Moustoir" which could indicate a former monastic presence long since disappeared. The south of the territory is bordering with the department of Finistère. To the west, Ellé, whose streams water the countryside, separates Meslan from Lanvénégen and Faouët. In the village of Bonigeard, the Sainte-Catherine chapel, its fountain of devotion and the calvary rebuilt constitute a particularly remarkable ensemble. Further south, the Roches du Diable natural site is very frequented by experienced hikers and kayakers. It is said that this magical place would have been haunted by the devil and that Saint Gwenole would have driven it away. The conservatory "Chez Mother Nature" represents the ideal destination for the youngest. In this animal and leisure park, we have the pleasure of approaching the animals, caressing them, feeding them. Great meetings are waiting for you! We also have fun to get lost in the vegetal labyrinth, we play outdoors simply!
  • Activities
    • Horse-riding centre
    • Zoo - animal park
  • Equipment
    • Playground
    • Artificial lake
    • Restaurant
    • Picnic tables