Town, village, neighbourhood at Locmalo

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  • Municipality labeled "Municipality of rural heritage of Brittany", Locmalo in Morbihan is located between Scorff and Saar, tributary of Blavet. The town owes its name to the juxtaposition of "loc" meaning place consecrated and "malo", name of the patron of the parish. Thanks to the Roman road that runs through the north of the territory, we know that human occupation is very old there. From the Saint-Malo church in Locmalo, several hiking trails allow you to crisscross the green countryside. Do not miss the Vallon aux Trois Saints with its Saint-Eugène and Saint-Diboen chapels. In the village of Longueville, you should not miss the Saint-Symphorien chapel and the particularly ornate fountain. A few steps away, botanical enthusiasts will appreciate a centuries-old oak tree classified among the remarkable trees of Morbihan. The development of the town and the enhancement of its heritage make Locmalo a particularly welcoming town!
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