Commune du Croisty

Town, village, neighbourhood at Le Croisty

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  • As early as the 13th century, Le Croisty, meaning House of the Cross, belonged to the Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem. That's where his name comes from. The parish church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of the Hospitallers. Gothic in inspiration, it deserves that one pushes the door to discover the richness of its polychrome wooden sandpits carved of scenes of the current life or fabulous animals. Located in the Valley of the Aër, the site of Kergoff is particularly suitable for hiking or mountain biking. The river is also very popular with anglers, who can take part in fly fishing. Kergoff, it is still a welcome area for motorhomes and a place suitable for picnics. The Croisty is also indissociable from its Celtic circle "Danserien Ar Vro Pourlet" titled time and time again. The original choreographies and the dynamism of the dancers never cease to surprise an audience always conquered, especially during the performance of a spectacular chicken gavotte.
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