Commune de Saint-Caradec-Trégomel

Town, village, neighbourhood at Saint-Caradec-Trégomel

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  • In 1387, the parish was known by the simple denomination of "Trégomel". It became "Saint-Caradec-en-Trégomel" in 1448. The origin of the patron saint who gave it its name remains obscure because there are several personages named so. One can only note an origin on the other side of the Channel coming from the great island of Brittany. Saint-Caradec-Trégomel lived a turbulent period during the wars of the League in Brittany, in the 16th century. The royal armies and those of the Duke of Mercoeur, who were fighting for the Place de Guemene, brought much suffering. Moreover, the bands of the fiery lord, but no less brigand, La Fontenelle pillaged and ravaged the country to the point of forcing the inhabitants to flee. Moreover, in 1797, the famine added to the plague contributed to the desertion of many villages. Life in Saint-Caradec-Trégomel is much more peaceful nowadays, even if every year in August thousands of visitors are gathered at the Festival of the Knights of the Earth where traditions and old mechanics join The good humor to rediscover the gestures of yesteryear of our countryside.
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