Commune de Persquen

Town, village, neighbourhood at Persquen

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  • The origin of the name of Persquen comes from the Breton "perchen" meaning perch, probably in reference to the shape of the commune which extends over 7 kilometers in length for 3 of width. At the time of the Rohan, Persquen belongs to the principality of Guémené. If the seigneuries are numerous there, that of Penvern is indisputably the most important. His lords, the Perenno, are considered the founders of Persquen. Around 1735, Marion du Faouët settled for about 7 years in the village of Kerohel. It is there that she would have chosen the rejection of misery by resorting to the theft and pillage of rich merchants and well-off pilgrims. Today, two villages stand out for their size: the Pénéty and Saint-Vincent.
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