Commune de Lignol

Town, village, neighbourhood at Lignol

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  • The origin of the name of the commune remains to this day ignored. On the other hand, thanks to a tumulus in the village of Saint-Hervezen, the occupation of the country is very old. In the Middle Ages, Lignol belonged to the Kemenet Guégant (commandant of Guégant), the lord Guégant being the founder of Guémené, neighboring commune. But the story particularly retains the Marquis de Pont-Calleck's arrest at the presbytery of the parish in 1718. He tried to raise Brittany in favor of Philip V of Spain in order to obtain the restoration of the privileges of the province. Accused of conspiracy against the State, he was beheaded in Nantes in 1720. After the Revolution, another turbulent period of history, in 1794, the Chouans assassinated the deputy Corentin Le Floch. Closer to home, local history remembers mostly Marie Chon, who has been missing for a few decades. This woman was given a reputation as a sorceress because of her atypical way of life in the woods.
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