Commune de Berné

Town, village, neighbourhood at Berné

Rivière du Scorff.jpgAlexandre Lamoureux
Eglise St-Brévin.jpgRoi Morvan Communauté
Chapelle du Sacré-Coeur.JPGOTPRM
Randonnée en Forêt de Pont-Calleck.jpgMA Gouret-Puillandre
Hameau médiéval.jpgMA Gouret-Puillandre
  • Located on the edge of the Scorff Valley, Berné is a parish that dates back to the 10th and 11th centuries. The events related to the Conspiracy of Pont Calleck are mainly remembered. The latter, then proprietor of the castle of the same name, attempted to rise against the royal power in order to obtain the restoration of the privileges of Brittany. This uprising resulted in a defeat at the end of which the Marquis and three of his companions were executed. The castle now houses a religious congregation. Its park is open to the public. The history of Berné, however, is much earlier than that of the celebrated Marquis. As evidenced by the remains of the medieval village in the heart of the forest of Pont-Calleck.
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