Summer events

With the support of local societies and lovers of the natural and cultural heritage of the region, guides walks and tours give you the opportunity to discover our countryside, our towns and all the skills and trades of Britanny. Follow in the footsteps of Count Rohan-Guémené on a guided tour of the city of Guémené-sur-Scorff. With lots of historical facts and stories, we explain the castle ruins and the development of the town at the foot of its ramparts. You can also learn the secrets of our most emblematic buildings and secret places from the most knowledgeble local experts.

Finally, an introduction you to our most lively culture, by teaching you the basics of Breton dance in the beautiful market hall in at Le Faouët. Learn how to dance the gavotte and the andro - ask for the program now!

Inner reflections

As part of the festival of Brittany, coordinated locally by the Bod Kelenn society, the tourist office invited local inhabitants to send their "inner reflection," a photograph that best symbolises our territory and its values. "Nature and art of living" are the key words of this inaugural event.

Springtime treasure hunt

Since 2010, on the Country and Windmills heritage day, the tourist office organises a puzzle game and treasure hunt that helps visitors and locals to discover all the heritage of our beautiful region. Have fun cracking teh clues and being led from place to place, each more interesting than the last. Each year, about a hundred people take part and an exhibition is created from the photos of the trasure hunters.