With a deep a breath of fresh air, we invite you to share and discover a little-known part of Brittany, which always intoxicates those who love the great outdoors. Between rocks and forests, meandering rivers bring a touch of magic and poetry to your holiday. Let it be a real escape off the beaten track.

A country of valleys and rivers

It is our rivers that have created the undulating landscapes and biodiversity which so well characterise our region today. The valleys of the rivers Scorff and Ellé, the Sarre, the Aër and the Langonnet provide an ideal living environment for an abundance of wildlife. Otters, salmon and trout share waters which tumble over granite boulders, while deer, wild boar, foxes and hares live deep in the woods. It is not uncommon to come across these creatures while walking in the countryside, between moorland and farmland and in the heart of the forests. Away from the noise and bustle of the cities, listen, breathe, you are the guest of the kingdom of the trees!

The Black Mountains (Montagnes Noires)

The Black Mountains (Montagnes Noires), the highest point in the Morbihan, owe their name to the colour of the shale that makes up the majority of their peaks. The more daring can let their imaginations wander to the rhythm of their footsteps in this land of legends. But beware... it said that the Roc'h an Ankou is often where strange unexplained accidents occur, and sometimes the squeaking wheels of the cart of Ankou (a skeleton armed with a scythe, a servant of death in Brittany) can be heard. It is also said that King Arthur's horse was kept captive here for seventeen years.

While the panorama breathtaking, and the force of nature plunges you into the world of the legendary Brittany of time immemorial, a simple walk, exploring the ancient slate quarries, reveals the harsh reality of life in the 19th century.

A paradise for anglers

If you're looking for a quiet moment at the water's edge, our lakes and rivers offer the most amazing scenery. In perfect harmony with nature, try the abundant fly and coarse fishing. Salmon, the noble species of the region, are indicative of the quality of our rivers, while trout, pike and chub also abound. Spend a few hours fishing, and have the privilege of enjoying the show orchestrated by the little people of the water - the aerial ballet of dragonflies above the sparkling waters or the arabesques dancing of the water spiders... Experience all the magic of the moment and that full feeling of freedom that gives the impression of time having stopped!