In the picturesque village of Locuon, in Ploërdut, behind the church and the small cemetery attached to it, a monumental granite staircase leads to the Notre-Dame de la Fosse chapel, housed in an ancient Roman quarry. The traces of the quarry's work are still visible, and whether you are an academic archaeologist or just a lover of special atmospheres, it's well worth a visit!

In Langonnet, the Cistercian Abbey of Notre-Dame houses a splendid chapter house, the oldest example of Gothic architecture in Brittany, with an elegant low vault resting on fine pillars. You can also visit the African museum, founded by the Fathers of the Holy Spirit who live here.

Following the path of the sculptures (called sablières), a new world to discover through a number of towns and villages in the Roi Morvan country. Since the 15th century, carved wooden imagery has adorned the beams that support the frameworks of churches and chapels, with a varied repertoire: scenes of everyday life, wild beasts, vegetable friezes... humour and mischief are never far away!

Romanesque art in the churches of Priziac, Langonnet and Ploërdut. The sobriety of the geometric decor is particularly evident on the granite capitals of these edifices, part of the many treasures of Roi Morvan.

The colourful and unexpected architecture of the Plouray Buddhist centre, and the astonishing "Breton Montmartre" at the chapel of the Sacred Heart in Berné should awaken your curiosity.

Open your eyes - a reason to marvel wherever you look!