Marvel at the flamboyant Gothic architecture of the 15th century which welcomes you when arriving at Kernascléden! Gargoyles, pinnacles with "fleurons" and "balusters," like stone lacework - a dazzling display of craftsmanship on the church of Notre-Dame, beautifully nicknamed the "thousand bells."

Inside are sumptuous murals depicting the life of Jesus and the life of the Virgin Mary, surrounded by angelic musicians painted by Maurice Denis. Above all, you'll find a representation of hell and a the dance macabre, a theme very popular in the 15th century, which reminds us that rich or poor, we are all equal before the Last Judgement. There are only two examples of the dance macabre in Brittany.

A charming legend connects this church with the chapel of Saint-Fiacre du Faouët. It tells how the tools that went missing from the many workers present during the construction of these two buildings were filched by angels watching over the progress of the work. The worked out that group could work while the other was resting. They carried the tools from one building site to another via celestial pathways, and so shift work was born.

If you are passing through Kernascléden, don't miss the door of the "House of the Bat," (Maison de la chauve-souris ) just in front of the church, which contains some surprises for visitors!

A walk along the Scorff along the edge of Pont Calleck Forest makes a most beautiful way to relax after lunch.