The "fête de la crêpe" (crêpe festival)

The unavoidable speciality of Breton cuisine, the crêpe is celebrated every year in late July in Gourin. Come and learn the best recipes and the skills of preparing the very best crêpes and maybe even try to win the open competition for the largest crêpe of the year! The smell of Mod Gorin crêpes, a particularly thin, light and fragrant variety drifts across the Château Tronjoly grounds, where dances, concerts and games are open to all. The château is also home to the National Pipers competition.

Draught horse festival

The bagadou Parade, horses, chariots, carriages and tractors, antique combine harvesters and forgotten trades are exhibited in a happy setting at Faouët every September. The annual sale of foals, birds, poultry and rabbits that takes place at the same time is an opportunity to get close to hundreds of animals! Music lovers will also find "artistic walks" throughout the summer in Faouët. Songs and traditional music mingle with more contemporary sounds in a magic place full of history and atmosphere

Elsewhere in the Roi Morvan country

Every two years in May, Ploërdut, a small town full of rural heritage, comes alive to the sounds of its great Medieval Festival: dance, song, feasts, and laughter. Organised around a mediaeval camp, it hosts traditional trades and crafts and a thoroughly good time for all. Meanwhile in Guémené-sur-Scorff, the high spirits of the Carnival bring the most outlandish floats through town. At Guémené the grand festival of the giant sausage in late August gives the whole town a giant surprise in every main street and back passage. In the summer there is a Fest-Noz or a concert or a street theatre everywhere you look, to the delight of onlookers.

Each of these festivals attracts thousands of visitors, in a spirit of friendliness and togetherness.