Walks, hikes and rides

With the support of local associations and lovers of the natural and cultural heritage of the region, accompanied hikes accompanied by a guide giving you the opportunity to discover our landscapes, our heritage and our traditions. Stroll along the waterways and mills in Langoëlan, walk along a slate quarry in the Black Mountains, visit the Abbey of Notre Dame de Langonnet. A pleasant walk, with culture and good humour - that's the secret of our success!


Follow in the footsteps of the Rohan-Guémené people on a guided tours of the city of Guémené-sur-Scorff. With lots historical facts and stories, we explain the vestiges of the castle and the development of the city at the foot of the ramparts.


All the secrets and riches of our most emblematic sites, with a number of special guided tours, to the Chapellle Saint-Barbe, the church in Kernascléden, the quarries at Locuon, where the galleries are a sight to see. We also open the door to the many, more discreet but equally exciting places with local experts as guides. These include the sands of Locmalo and Guiscriff, the fountain of St Samuel in Le Saint, and Persquen, with its chapels.


An introduction to Breton culture at its most lively, with a course of teaching you the rudiments of Breton dance in the Faouët market hall. The Gavotte ans the Andro dances will no longer be a mystery - you'll at last be ready to participate in your first Fest Noz!

So many very special encounters, with the real participants in local life, proud of their region, its history and traditions, will ensure you spend some truly unforgettable moments - most often with a glass of cider and a butter galette. The greatest simplicity and the deepest happiness!.