The Roi Morvan country is the ideal destination to discover Brittany as you have never seen it before. With a guide to introduce you to the natural word and all the secrets it conceals. Off the beaten track, you'll discover an area protected from mass tourism, and a more perfect location in the centre of Brittany you could not wish for - all the visits imaginable are possible with a minimum of travel time. In the heart of Brittany, or "Kalon Breizh" as we say here, you'll enjoy your leisure time and experience some truly magical moments.

Our sense of hospitality is an integral part of everyday life, like our Breton culture which combines the traditional with the modern. In the effervescence of our festivals, you'll find diversity and simplicity. We take the greatest pleasure in dancing talking, eating and drinking - come and join us!

This is the authentic Brittany, where we invite you to sit down to savour the best of our gastronomic delights: the famous andouille de Guémené, a subtle journey for the taste buds, not to mention the unmistakable crêpes, of course!

The tranquillity you'll find in our countryside and on our hiking trails invites you to relax and enjoy a change of scenery. This country of valleys and hills will never cease to amaze you with its diversity of landscapes. You may be surprised to learn that there are even mountains in our country!

Centuries ago, under the shelter of the walls of our churches and chapels, artists expressed their talents, making us their privileged heirs. Builders of genius shaped our landscapes and bequeathed an incomparable architectural heritage. Today, local enthusiasts guide you through 1000 years of history and explain to you the past on which we are building the future.

It is this deep and little-known side of Brittany is what we offer to share with you. A Brittany vibrating to the rhythm of conviviality, the taste of sharing, a living culture, exceptional nature and its emblematic heritage. This is the Brittany with the really unforgettable memories. Come and join us, and experience Brittany like never before!