Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Historic site and monument ,  Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Church at Le Croisty

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  • From the 12th century, Le Croisty (House of the Cross) belonged to the order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem. This is where the name of the town comes from. The Croisty church is dedicated to Saint Jean-Baptiste, Saint Patron des Hospitaliers. There is still a statue of this saint on the porch of the church where the Commander of the Hospitallers did justice.

    Of Gothic inspiration, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church was completed in the 16th century, however, the Roman vaults evoke an older building and probably the use of certain Romanesque elements. The building will undergo partial restorations over time: roof, paneling, spire of the bell tower ... In the 19th century, repairs saved the building from ruin. At the beginning of the 20th century, the church was badly damaged to the point of being compared to the stable in Bethlehem. We are even considering closing it. Outside, the ossuary, widely open on the porch, dates from the 16th century. The three arched basket handles that close its bay rest on pretty molded columns. Upon entering the church, one immediately sees the blue vault, symbol of the sky in Romanesque art. The polychrome wooden sand pits display hunting scenes (aristocratic pleasure often sculpted from the 15th to the 17th century), scenes from everyday life (what to think of the astonishing representation, within a church, of this character preparing to urinate!) and other curiosities such as the fight of the centaurs ("woman" armed with a bow shooting an arrow at a "man" protecting himself from a shield); the centaur illustrates the bestiality of the man in the Christian symbolism. Dogs are often represented, in packs or wandering alone, at the Croisty. A 16th century stained glass window, placed at the bedside of the church, traces the life of Saint John the Baptist: announcement of the coming of the Messiah, baptism of Christ, decapitation and presentation on a dish of the Saint's head at Salome who then brings her mother Herodias ... We also note a rich statuary.
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