Eglise ND de l'Assomption - Le Faouët- Pays roi Morvan- Bretagne Sud

Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

Historic site and monument ,  Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Gothic ,  Religious building ,  Church at Le Faouët

  • The Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption church was built by the Boutteville family, lords of Faouët, patrons of local architecture.

    Its three eight-span vessels as well as the porch tower and the ossuary attached to it date from the end of the 15th century. The current church has been altered many times such as the southern transept in 1852, the vaulting or architecture of the choir and the sacristies in 1917 following a fire that destroyed the roof. Today, the church includes a nave with aisles, a transept and a polygonal choir. The nave communicates with the aisles by large archways with a broken arch. The porch tower, whose pediment was modified in the 18th century, constitutes the most original part of the building with the multiple brisis of the four-sided frame supporting the slate roof. It recalls a pagoda. Inside, you can see two recumbent figures belonging to a 15th century tomb, still next to the church. It is sculpted with the arms of Boutteville and Trogoff. The recumbent figures were deposited in the building in 1917. The two figures represented are Bertrand de Trogoff, dressed in armor and Péronnelle de Boutteville wearing a horned headdress.
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