Chapelle Saint-Servais

Historic site and monument ,  Chapel at Langoëlan

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  • Located in a picturesque site, the Saint-Servais chapel rises between the villages of Cauraden and Kergoët in Langoëlan. It dates from the end of the 16th century.

    This chapel honors two saints: Saint Servais and Saint Efflam, very different in their journey. Saint Servais a great bishop would have been ordained a priest in Jerusalem and sent to Toupes by an angel. In Rome, he would also have received a silver key from the hands of Saint Peter. He vigorously defended the Catholic faith. During the council of Rimini at 359. His relics were transported to Maastricht where a basilica was dedicated to him in the 6th century. His body is sheltered in a heavy Romanesque shrine. Saint Servais is celebrated on May 13. He is the last of the ice saints. Four statues are in the chapel: one of Saint Servais, one of Sainte Marie Madeleine, another of Saint Geneviève, and finally a statue of Saint-Efflam (in granite) which comes from a chapel which has disappeared today (La chapelle de Saint Efflam fell into disrepair after the 1914-18 war). Below the chapel, the fountain has been restored.