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Chapelle Saint-Hervé

Historic site and monument ,  Chapel at Langoëlan

  • Built in a beautiful granite device at the end of the 15th century or at the beginning of the 16th, this chapel in Langoëlan is dedicated to Saint Hervé. According to tradition, we represent this blind bard accompanied by his guide Guiharan and holding a tame wolf on a leash. He is recognized as the patron of the blind and the protector of domestic animals against wolves.

    The plan of the building is rectangular, with a single vessel. A molded plinth surrounds the chapel at the base of the walls, except to the west. Its flat bedside rests on two bias buttresses. The window of which it is pierced is walled in its lower part. There is no longer any trace of its garnish. In the northern farmhouse, there is a semicircular door now walled. It is topped with a hug and framed by two pilasters with floral pinnacles. On the other side, the facade is open from two windows. The one overlooking the choir is partly closed, like that of the bedside, but it has kept a filling made up of two lancets and three bellows. Nothing remains of the one in the other window. In the middle, the arched door is decorated with multiple moldings and a brace decorated with large curly leaves resting on the sculpted bases of an animal. Above this door, there remains a rectangular cavity and a little further to the left, a console representing a mask. A small bell-tower shelters a bell under a semicircular arch. The interior is rich in varied statuary. In 1912, the forgiveness of horses was created. It attracted a large crowd. A Breton hymn celebrated it: O Saint Houarno, for a long time, In Langoëlan, we ask you To protect our horses From evil and disease. In 1959, the procession of horses was replaced by a parade of tractors.