Chapelle de la Vraie Croix

Historic site and monument ,  Chapel at Locmalo

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  • In 1774, the construction of this chapel was completed which housed a relic of the True Cross.

    This granite structure was rebuilt for the third time. It was previously known as the Magdeleine chapel. This denomination would indicate that the chapel depended on a leper colony maintained by the Hospitallers of Saint John. Originally located on the other side of the road, the chapel was in danger of being flooded due to the flooding of the Le Chapelain stream. Rectangular in shape, the building measures 10 meters in length with an interior width of 4.50 meters. It ends with a three-sided bedside table. It opens to the west through a semicircular door. Of the two doors pierced in the farmhouses, only the south remains, the other having been walled up. Two windows decorating the choir provide light. A hammered shield surmounts the western door. The small square-stemmed pinnacle has a short polygonal arrow.