Espace muséal "Les Bains de la Reine"

Museum ,  Medieval ,  History ,  Thermal spring at Guémené-sur-Scorff

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Journée du Patrimoine 2017 credit photo Kastell Kozh (3).JPG
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Visite guidée Les bains de la Reine 2016 -crédit photo Kastell Kozh.JPG
  • To complete the visit, a circuit of 7 panels allows to discover the restored remains of the castle of Rohan-Guémené

    It was in a former car garage rehabilitated and transformed into a museum space dedicated to hygiene in the Middle Ages that were reassembled "The Baths of the Queen". During the visit, the public discovers a film explaining the hygiene of the time, the room devoted to cosmetics, the model of the castle and especially a medieval oven originally sheltered inside the castle bought in 1377 by Jean I de Rohan and his wife Jeanne de Navarre.
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