Domaine de Tronjoly

Park and garden ,  Park at Gourin

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  • The park of Tronjoly constitutes a case of greenery in the center of which is nested a Castle of the XVIIth century. This beautiful building is mirrored in the waters of the reach of an old mill. Its elegance is due to the space that surrounds it as much as to the proportions of the building. The central dwelling is decorated with mansardes with small pediments and charming dormers in the roof. A large, arched and decorated pediment adorns the center of the façade. A wrought iron wrought iron balcony affords the window to the floor. On the west side, a small niche that contained a bell carries this pretty motto "my stamp sounds right to our duty". At the southern gable of the farmhouse there is a wide, beautiful oculus with granite surroundings. The west longhouse, now incorporated into the built complex, was reserved for storage, stables and hangars of the farm located at the back of the castle. A few steps from the castle, a magnificent green theater has been laid out. To walk through the park, visitors can take the many walkways, bridges over scenic creeks and the many trails. The wooded area of ​​the park has majestic trees, several centuries old, whose name and geographical origin are reported. Tronjoly Park is also the starting point for hiking trails that lead to the Black Mountains. In the 1980s, after the death of the last owner, the estate regained a new youth thanks to the successive municipalities. The layout has changed their use: the castle is now intended for large gatherings such as the Pancake Festival or the traditional music and dance championship and various exhibitions during the summer.
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