Les sablières sculptées au pays du roi Morvan

The unusual sculptures of the Roi Morvan country

The Community of Roi Morvan

Situated at the crossroads of the old "counties" of Vannes and Cornouailles, the Pays du Roi Morvan is home to remarkable examples of wood sculptures carved between the 15th and the 17th centuries. A guidebook accompanies you in your discovery this unusual and little-known part of our heritage.

The wooden sculptures Roi Morvan Country - 47 pages - 3 € (postage: 3.20 €)

Romanesque art in the Pays du Roi Morvan

Roi Morvan Community

"The Romanesque period brought us some magnificent buildings in the heart of the beautiful Roi Morvan country. The churches of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul at Langonnet, Saint-Béheau in Priziac and Saint-Pierre in Ploërdut, with architectural features typical of the Romanesque period, inviting the curious visitor to the wonders that lie within" Anne Autissier

Romanesque Art in the Pays du Roi Morvan - 39 pages - 3 € (postage: 3.20 €)

Les Bains de La Reine

Bains de la Reine

Kastell Kozh

Kastell Kozh, is a society which manages the museum "Les Bains de la Reine" and the ruins of the chateau at Guémené-sur-Scorff. It has published this particularly interesting book.

The book is structured around three main themes - the Château de Guémené, the Baths of the Queen and the surprisingly interesting topic of hygiene in the Middle Ages. Original illustrations support a well-documented text that addresses, in a simple way, an often misunderstood subject.

Les Bains de La Reine - 92 pages - 12 € (postage: 3.20 €)

Hiking guide

Roi Morvan Community

Couples, families and groups with a passion for hiking will find this guide fascinating and useful. All 33 hiking trails in the Pays du Roi Morvan are detailed - all the help you need!

Each circuit is presented in the form of a detailed sheet: the itinerary, the distance, a step by step guide. The guide is for sale in all three reception services of the tourist office, 0.50 €.

Hiking guide to the Pays du roi Morvan - 33 sheets - 9 € (shipping costs 3.20 €)

Le Faouët, an invitation to discovery

Emmanuelle Yhuel-Bertin

"Le Faouët is municipality emblematic of deepest Brittany, which invites visitors to discover its landscapes, its history, its picturesque richness and its exceptional architectural heritage, notably its wooden halls and chapels of Saint-Fiacre, Sainte-Barbe, Saint-Adrien , Saint-Sébastien and Saint-Jean."

Invitation to discover Le Faouët, tourist guide, Emmanuelle Yhuel-Bertin, Liv'Editions - 71 pages - 10 € (3.20 € shipping costs)