Meeting the demands of the most enthusiastic hikers, five trails of 18 to 20 km have been marked out. They allow group hikes in complete safety over one day or more. Discover the charm of our rivers, the views of our mountains and the mysteries of our architectural heritage, in the spring or autumn.

These trails are also marked-out for mountain bike rides.

These long trails can be added to shorter walks of 10 to 12 kms as the mood takes you. All hiking routes can be downloaded or bought for 9 € for a collection of sheets, each trail sheet individually for 0.50 €.

Nature lovers who also appreciate the marks generations of locals have left on the landscape can call upon the servies of a guide. Consult our group brochure, where you'll find all the service providers group outings and accompaniment. The brochure gives you picnic spot ideas, restaurants with large capacity and accommodation adapted to groups.

For a successful stay, don't hesitate to contact the tourist office - we'll be delighted to help you prepare your stay!