Best fishing spots

  • Ruisseau Le Moulin du Pré between the bridge at Moulin du pré and the Moulin de Kerbiquet at Gourin. Getting there: Gourin, D27 towards Scaër. Parking at the moulin de Kerbiquet.
  • Ruisseau le Moulin du Duc between Moulin de Kertanguy and Moulin du Duc at Gourin. Getting there: Gourin, D769 towards Le Faouët then left D187 to Langonnet. Parking at the bridge.
  • River Ellé at Loge Lanvénégen. Getting there: To Faouët D790 then towards Quimperlé and Meslan.
  • River Ellé at the bridge in Barrégant. Getting there: D769 to Le Faouët- Gourin then D132 towards Priziac, parking at the Grand Pont.
  • River Aër between Pont er Born and Pont Rouge in Croisty. Getting there: D132 from Croisty to Priziac, turn towards Kergoff. Parking in Kergoff.
  • River Scorff in Langoëlan. Getting there: From Guémené, take the D3 towards Langoëlan.
  • River Scorff from Pont Grayo to Pont Neuf. Getting there: D769 Lorient to Le Faouët, D110 towards Kernascléden.
  • Lake Tronjoly at Gourin. Getting there: D1 Quimper to Gourin


"Handipêche" fishing spots for people with reduced mobility

  • At Cabreno, in Lignol: three secure wooden pontoons have been designed to facilitate access for disabled people. Access: Lignol towards Inguiniel.
  • At Lake Dordu, in Langoëlan.
  • At the Etang du Bel Air in Priziac.
  • At the Abbey of Langonnet in Priziac
  • At Pré-Jacques and Tronjoly in Gourin.


Purchase a fishing license

To engage in fishing activities it is necessary to join an Association for Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Protection and pay the Fisheries and Aquatic Environments (CPMA) fee. Rates are available on the website of the Morbihan Fishing Federation. Buy your fishing card at a point of sale (listed below) or online at the website of the French fishing associations.

Les hébergements labellisés pêche