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Les trésors archéologiques du bois de Lochrist

Guided tour at Ploërdut

  • The Lochrist Moor, at the top of a hill between Ploërdut and Le Croisty, is a mysterious place. Currently a real human desert, it housed in the nineteenth century up to 80 people who lived in "lodges of clumps and stones." Who were these "farmers", poor among the poor, who dug these hut bottoms scattered on the moor? What was their way of life? This is what will be presented to you during a walk out of time. This outing will also be an opportunity to discover other secrets well hidden by this extraordinary forest, discreet witness of an older past. Appointment at 15h in front of the church of Ploërdut or at 15:10 at the crossroads of Lochrist (on the road Ploërdut - Le Croisty) with Jean-Paul Eludut of the association of Archeology and History of Central Brittany. Plan for shoes. Free.