01.12.19 - La Grande Loterie.jpg

Les endimanchés

Concert ,  Exhibition at Langonnet

  • Les Endimanchés are a crossroads: that of impromptu artistic encounters between artists coming from all disciplines and from all horizons. In La Grande Boutique Ballroom: a contemporary art installation celebrating this year Isabel Perez Del Pulgar. 15h: performance of Isabel Perez Del Pulgar in his installation 16h: The Grand Lottery. The rules of the game are simple: musicians from all walks of life, of all styles, of all generations, drawn by lot in situ, invited to play together what they want ... Hélène Brunet, MC 2018, passes the baton to violinist Jacky Molard. Installation of contemporary art and performances in free access. And before leaving, stay for a good dinner (4 €)!