Salon du livre et des arts croisés

Fair or trade show at Le Faouët

  • Forty authors in dedication, a dozen artists for the exhibition Animal Nature. Saturday from 14h to 20h: 15h-17h animation for young and old by Bod kelenn, 15h chat around lithography with George Point, 17h La Marion choir, 18:30 cabaret of words: slam, duo Cécile Even and Pol Jézéquel, then stage open sung. Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00: 12:15 Ivan Alcala and his students of the Cello class Music School of King Morvan Community, 14:15 reading Michèle Lesbre, presented by Alexis Gloaguen, 15:30 conference "Justice and death penalty in the nineteenth and twentieth" by Annick Le Douget, introduced by a Récit story Marion La Faouët, Jean-Marc Derouen. (Presentation Jean-Paul Le Bihan).