EXPO FAOUET 2021 (002).jpg

Exposition du collectif Plasc'a(ë)rt - Le Faouët

Exhibition in Le Faouët

  • The Plasc'a (ë) rt collective is exhibiting at the Pays du Roi Morvan tourist office in Le Faouët!

  • Varied artistic tendencies, techniques specific to each but a common passion: painting. Marc Fellman, Carline Toutirais, Gisèle Carnot, Yannick Rouillé and Michel Troadec exhibit at the Faouët tourist office from October 30 to December 4. The collective aims to present various aspects of pictorial art. These 5 artists share their artistic works ranging from drawing to painting, including acrylic and felt. Whether you like the abstract or hyperrealism, there is something for everyone!