Walks, rides and hikes for two

For those with lots of energy and a connection with the natural world, our hiking trails offer breathtaking landscapes, on foot or by bike, just follow your nose. Don't forget to stop along the way from time to time to give yourself full advantage of the panorama, the smell of the forest floor, the calm of the paths through sleepy hollows and above all, being together!

Along the roads of history

If old stones and their stories are your interest you will positively adore the ancient architecture, and all the historical facts that accompany it. Take a stroll in the streets of Guémené-sur-Scorff or the Place des Halles in Faouët. Appreciate the sobriety of the Romanesque churches in Ploërdut, Priziac and Langonnet. Be won-over by the majesty of the church of Kernascléden, the Abbey of Langonnet and the chapel of Saint-Fiacre in Faouët. Be seduced by the atmosphere of the Gallo-Roman quarry of Locuon at Ploërdut or the ruins of Sainte-Barbe in Faouët. You will go home with some amazing memories (and photos) of our little wayside chapels... not to be missed!



Le Faouët

Ploërdut, Priziac and Langonnet

Kernascléden church, Langonnet abbey

Chapelle Saint-Fiacre


A cultural break

Do you like nothing so much as museums and exhibitions? The Museum at Faouët has a number of works of high quality, while the "Bains de la Reine" in Guémené-sur-Scorff are worth a visit - you can learn all about the rules of hygiene in the Middle Ages! Travel under the African sun at to the Museum of African Arts at Langonnet Abbey.

And because one day is never going to be enough to experience all these delights, why not stay a little longer!

Guest houses, high quality hotels and a diversity of the restaurants - all here to respond to your expectations, and more than enough to convince you to linger with us for a weekend or more!