Miham, "Le pain paysan !"

at Ploërdut

M-A Gouret-Puillandre
M-A Gouret-Puillandre
M-A Gouret-Puillandre
  • 100% wheat from Breton countries, directly from the farmer / miller to the baker. Bread with the NIGELLE, the 100% BLACK BLACK BRETON ... The smile in more!

    Hand-kneaded and baked breads, cooked "old-fashioned" in the Ploërdut wood oven. Farming flour produced in Brittany, from old varieties of wheat called "Wheat Country", coarse sea salt, water and leaven 100% natural (without yeast), without any additives or enhancers. Ingredients labeled "NATURE & PROGRESS" or AB. Ploërdut organic market on Friday 16h / 19h, deposit at Guémené / Scorff at the central grocery store (local producers store) on Saturday, biocoop Callune in Pontivy on Saturday. Reservation strongly recommended.
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