L'atelier de boulangerie de Restalgon

at Le Faouët
  • All flavors of organic bread with pure sourdough

    In the friendly village of Restalgon, the bakery workshop, "The Bread of the Week", offers since 1998, a very wide range of organic breads, pure leaven, cooked in wood and handmade (except kneading). More than eleven kinds of bread (white, semi-full, full-bodied, rye, ramut, and multiple seeds) are made weekly without the recipes being transmitted from baker to apprentice. The company is part of an affirmed approach to promoting short circuits and organizes every Thursday of the year, the "organic market of Restalgon", where you can find vegetables, meats, cheeses, wine, beer, pancakes , Pizzas ... all in organic and local. Concarneau market on Friday, from Merville to Lorient on Saturday and from Ploemeur on Sunday.
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